Why is your brand so important?

Your brand is what potential customers see to form an opinion of you and the products and services you offer. Your brand can also be a deciding factor in whether a potential customer chooses to work with you or not. Our role as marketers is to create a brand image that communicates you are:

  • Professional.

  • Credible.

  • Reliable.

Your brand or corporate identity begins with your logo. A logo is typically comprised of 3 parts;

wordmark + imagery + tagline

These elements work together to tell a story about who you are and what you bring to the marketplace.

Whether you are starting a new business, or launching a new product, we can help with all your brand development needs.


Simple details such as font, shape and colour of your logo are the starting point in defining who you are.

Your logo is your badge of honor. Wear it proudly.

Your brand should also continue to evolve as you do. An evolution of marketing materials is natural and required in any business or organization.

Updating your marketing materials, including your logo, over time tells your target audience that you are:

  • up-to-date

  • evolving with time, trends, and technology

  • evolving as target audience needs evolve

Did you know your email signature can impact your brand?

Email signatures should follow brand rules and be consistent for all employees.

Your web site and other marketing materials are extensions of your brand and should adhere strictly to brand standards.

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